Collective Impact Organizations leverage partnerships with data and community organizations. Within a collective impact organization, partnerships become the gears in a larger network. They work together for a common goal.  Traditionally, organizations have operated on individual islands with their own agenda, seeking to make a small difference. They often developed partnerships to help with their mission and expand their reach but the goal remained isolated and agenda-based. (2014)

Collective impact organizations have begun to leverage the work being done by these individual cogs, by connecting them to the larger issues that they are working to address. These organizations look at the big picture, they are working toward isolation and correction of the larger systemic issues by utilizing the experience and expertise found within these smaller more focused organizations.  They bring to the table a focus on data-driven action and act as the symphony conductor to solve the larger systemic problems by utilizing the talents available to them through partnerships with other organizations. While the partner organizations operate with smaller, more targeted approaches when they do so within the framework for a collective impact organization they are able to operate with surgical precision to make a greater impact in their community.  Collective impact organizations use this larger scale to gather data, isolate issues, and work with partners who have the targeted skills to develop a coordinated attack on the issue.  ( Kania, 2011 )


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