This toolkit has been developed to provide a comprehensive guide to developing partnerships.

The toolkit is divided into 7 parts including:

  • Introduction
  • A guide to forming partnerships
  • Establishing communication norms
  • Developing work plans and activities,
  • Evaluating the partnership.
  • In addition, there are sub-sections on overcoming challenges in your partnership and planning for equity and inclusion within the partnership framework.

Collective impact is an extension of the partnership principles that provides a framework for large scale partnerships that are focused on systemic change. Collective impact has its own set of guidelines that fit within the overall partnership framework. Within each segment, you will find an additional page link for information and tools specific to the collective impact model.

You will find additional readings and resources interspersed throughout the guide. These resources will help you expand on the partnership principles. In addition, many tools will provide you with resources to help you in developing effective partnerships.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the toolkit!